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Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing, Third Edition

Mark Richards | 978-1260468717, 978-1260468717, 1260468712, B09KFDNX2G, 9781260468724

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PDF 2022

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A complete guide to the full spectrum of fundamental radar signal processing systems—fully updated for the latest advances

This thoroughly revised resource offers comprehensive coverage of foundational digital signal processing methods for both pulsed and FMCW radar. Developed from the author’s extensive academic and professional experience, Fundamentals of Radar Signal Processing, Third Edition covers all of the digital signal processing techniques that form the backbone of modern radar systems, revealing the common threads that unify them. The basic tools of linear systems, filtering, sampling, and Fourier analysis are used throughout to provide a unified tutorial approach. You will get end-of-chapter problems that reinforce and apply salient points as well as an online suite of tutorial MATLAB(R) demos and supplemental technical notes. Classroom instructors additionally receive a solutions manual and sample MATLAB® tutorial demos

Coverage includes:
    An introduction to radar systems
    Signal models
    Data acquisition and organization
    Waveforms and pulse compression
    Doppler processing
    Threshold detection and CFAR
    Measurements and tracking
    Synthetic aperture imaging
    Adaptive array processing and STAP