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24 راه برای حرکت بیشتر: الهام ماهانه برای سلامت و حرکت

24 Ways to Move More: Monthly Inspiration for Health and Movement | Nicole Tsong, Erika Schultz | ISBN: 1680512749, 978-1680512748, B08J6XCZDY

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سال انتشار 2020

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فرمت فایل: pdf + epub تبدیل شده از ایپاب

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ناشر: Skipstone, Mountaineers Books

  • From roller skating to hip hop dancing, snowshoeing to tree climbing, fitness can be fun!
  • Two new movement activities to try each month.
  • Features tips on how to get started, easy goal setting, and inspirational journal prompts.
  • Your body is made to move and is designed to adapt to a range of activity--climbing, sprinting, carrying heavy things, walking long distances. Yet today we move less than ever before.

Yoga instructor and fitness expert Nicole Tsong wants to change that. She has tried hundreds of different types of movement and in this new guide, she shares which of those are the most fun, accessible, and body-beneficial. Detailing two new activities for each month of the year, she describes her own experiences trying each movement, then lays out a road map for readers to embark on a similar adventure, starting at beginner level and moving up through "Reach" and "Adventure" goals. For example, readers can choose to walk 35 to 40 minutes twice a week for the whole month, or they can slowly increase mileage each week working up to a 10-, 15, or 20-mile challenge. Tsong also offers quick tips for getting started, basic gear needs and costs, and a "Discovery" section with questions, prompts, and journal space so readers can explore their own movement journeys.