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A Monograph of Paris (Melanthiaceae): Morphology, Biology, Systematics and Taxonomy

Yunheng Ji | 9811579024, 978-9811579028, 9789811579028

PDF 2021

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This book provides essential information on the morphology, biology, phytochemistry, pharmaceutical prospects, evolution, phylogeny, biogeography, and taxonomy of Paris (Melanthiaceae), a morphologically distinctive plant genus with great economic importance. Since the establishment of this genus, 70 species and 24 subspecific taxa have been described, resulting in considerable confusion in species delimitation. In this book, the taxonomy of all described taxa is carefully revised. Based on multi-disciplinary evidences, a revised classification system of Paris containing five sections is outlined. Every species is provided with a concise but diagnostic description, a color illustration, photographs that highlight distinguishing characters, examined specimens and distribution range. The interspecific relationships are clarified with an identification key. This monograph offers taxonomists, evolutionary biologists, ecologists, horticulturalists, phytochemists, and practitioners a thorough and up-to-date overview about this interesting plant group. It is equally valuable for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and professionals engaged in related fields.