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A Short History of the French Revolution 8th Edition

Jeremy D. Popkin, B0CLT25PXV, 1032532416, 1032497378, 9781032497372, 9781032532417, 9781003412120, 978-1032497372, 978-1032532417, 978-1003412120

English | 2024 | PDF | 18 MB | 193 Pages

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A Short History of the French Revolution is an up-to-date survey of the French Revolution and Napoleonic era that introduces readers to the origins and events of this turbulent period in French history, and historians’ interpretations of these events.

The book covers all aspects of the Revolution, including the political, social, and cultural origins of the Revolution, and its causes, events, and aftermath. It provides readers with a full, and yet concise, overview of the Revolution that helps them easily understand the key elements of the subject. Fully updated and revised, this new edition allows students to engage with the most current work on the subject with increased attention given to women’s role in the Revolution, full coverage of the struggles over race and slavery, a new emphasis on the populist element in revolutionary politics, and an expanded discussion of the historiography of the era.

Supported by learning objectives, critical thinking questions, and suggestions for further reading, this is the perfect introduction to the French Revolution for students of French and European History in the late eighteenth century.