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A Sociology of Humankind: How We Are Formed by Culture, Cooperation, and Conflict

Jeroen Bruggeman, B0CTCMNSX1, 1032608579, 1032608676, 9781032608570, 9781032608679, 9781003460831, 978-1032608570, 978-1032608679, 978-1003460831

English | 2024 | PDF | 7 MB | 241 Pages

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Based upon the interdependencies of human beings as we cooperate and conflict with each other, how we share information, and how culture evolves, this book proposes a sociology of humanity covering three hundred millennia. Grounded in empirical findings from archaeology, history, lab experiments, and field studies – supplemented for precision with computational network models of cultural evolution, cooperation, influence, cohesion, warfare, power, social balance, and inequality – this is the first attempt at encompassing sociology of humankind. Informed by the theory of cultural evolution, it extends the notion that cultural evolution connects humans of all times in a giant sociocultural network, thereby yielding coherence between a great many empirical findings. It will therefore appeal to scholars of sociology and anthropology with interests in historical sociology, cultural evolution, and social theory.