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ABSITE Slayer by Dale Dangleben . ISBN-10: 1260458288 ISBN-13: 978-1260458282 ASIN: B08BF7JNH6

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سال انتشار 2021
زبان کتاب: انگلیسی
تعداد صفحات 538
فرمت فایل: PDF
حجم فایل 148MB
ناشر: McGraw-Hill

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Focusing specifically on the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination, ABSITE Slayer reduces pre-test anxiety and provides the knowledge and confidence you need to pass the exam. Packed with critical, up-to-date information, this powerful study aid provides a complete framework for your exam preparation and is highly efficient for last-minute review, as well. You’ll find everything you need to ace the exam in one comprehensive package―from full-color illustrations to “make or break” tips―delivered by expert authors who know exactly what it takes to succeed.
What makes ABSITE Slayer the leading study aid on the market?
450+ multiple-choice and 1,000+ quick-hit single answer questions
Test-taking tips that can make the difference between success and failure
Full-color illustrations of must-know anatomy
Valuable clinical pearls
Easy-to-retain concise text
Logical organ-based organization
Chapters on pharmacology, anesthesia, cell biology, and fluids/electrolytes/nutrition