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Adolescent Health in the Middle East and North Africa: An Epidemiological Perspective

Caroline Barakat, Rania Dghaim, Fatme Al Anouti, 3030921069, 978-3030921064, 9783030921064, B0B1PPS93M, 978-3-030-92106-4, 978-3-030-92107-1

English | 2022 | PDF

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This 2-volumeset focuses on adolescent health in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), and presents the latest research on the health risk behaviours and social behaviours that adolescents from the MENA region engage in. While there has been a surge in peer-reviewed research publications on population health in the MENA region in the last couple of decades, very few books offer a resource to address the diverse negative influences that disproportionately affect adolescents and children in the MENA region, including increased tobacco consumption culture, low emphasis on physical activity, increased sedentary behaviours, weak health policies, and societal issues related to displacement and political conflicts. These books offer a synthesis of current knowledge on adolescent health issues in the MENA region, and aim to provide evidence-informed adolescent health care practices that address current issues related to mental, physical, reproductive and nutritional health.

Volume 2 focuses on nutritional and reproductive health in the MENA region, predictive modelling of obesity, determinants of sexual and oral health, HIV, and diabetes. The study will aid health care professionals, policy makers, government organizations and health program planners to assess current policies and practices related to adolescent health in the MENA region, and to identify the best courses of action moving forward.