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Advanced Materials from Recycled Waste

Sarika Verma, Raju Khan, Medha Mili, S.A.R. Hashmi, Avanish Kumar Srivastava, 978-0-323-85604-1, 0323856047, 978-0323856041, 9780323856041, B0BC11BL2S

English | 2023 | PDF

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Advanced Materials from Recycled Waste examines the structural components of waste and looks at how best to transform those waste materials into advanced materials that can be utilized for high-end applications. Sections explore what is meant by Waste – looking at what are the sources, types of waste, and the management techniques and three sections dealing with specific types of waste materials, including Industrial, Agricultural and Plastics/Polymers. Classification, characterization, utilization of, physical and mechanical properties, and design and development are explored for each of these materials. Each section concludes with a review of the challenges and future prospects for their utilization.

This book will be a vital resource for a broad audience interested in the reuse of waste materials, including materials scientists and materials engineers in industry involved in the recycling, reuse and reclamation of materials and industrial byproducts, and some more general environmental scientists and engineers involved in sustainable development.