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دانلود کتاب پیشرفت ها در کاربرد های نوتراسئوتیکال (غذا های حاوی مواد افزودنی سلامت بخش و دارای خواص دارویی) در سرطان: روند های اخیر پژوهش و کاربرد های بالینی

Advances in Nutraceutical Applications in Cancer: Recent Research Trends and Clinical Applications | Sheeba Varghese Gupta, Yashwant V Pathak | 1138593915, 978-1138593916, 9781138593916, B07ZHPGBV2

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سال انتشار: 2020

تعداد صفحات: 361

زبان فایل: انگلیسی

فرمت فایل: pdf

حجم فایل: 9MB

ناشر: CRC Press

Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals such as Vitamin A and D, Omega-3 and probiotics are used as part of the cancer treatment as complimenting the main therapy. Several Nutraceuticals have shown to boost the immune responses, while emerging clinical studies and other research suggests that some plant-based agents may, indeed, impact late-stage cancer, influencing molecular processes corrupted by tumor cells to evade detection, expand clonally, and invade surrounding tissues.

Advances in Nutraceutical Applications in Cancer: Recent Research Trends and Clinical Applications

is an attempt to collect evidence and related clinical information of application of Nutraceuticals to be used in cancer treatment or compliment the cancer treatment. It contains 16 chapters written by experts in related field’s and covers many different aspects of the formulation and development of Nutraceuticals for cancer applications. This book covers efficacy, safety and toxicological aspects of nutraceuticals. It also addresses various novel drug delivery systems of nutraceuticals with anticancer properties, as well as nutraceuticals as supplements for cancer prevention.


  • Offers a comprehensive view of neutraceuticals’ role in cancer prevention and treatment
  • Covers the applications and implications of neutraceuticals in prostate, colorectal, breast and gynecological cancers
  • Discusses the principles of neutrigenomics and neutrigenetics in cancer prevention
  • Explors the role of probiotics and micronutrients in cancer treatment and prevention

Nutraceuticals can alter the gut microbiota. Gut microbiome undergoes changes during the disease status and followed by the cancer treatment. Nutraceutical’s role in proliferation and prevention of gynecological cancers, nutraceutical’s role in proliferation and prevention of prostate cancer and role of micronutrients in cancer prevention, both pros and cons, are some of the topics discussed in various chapters in this book. This book is addressed to scientists, clinicians, and students who are working in the area of Nutraceutical applications in cancer treatment.