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American Public Policy: Federal Domestic Policy Achievements and Failures, 1901 to 2022

Dennis W. Johnson, B0B6QG6RP8, 1032276142, 1032276134, 978-1032276144, 9781032276144, 978-1032276137, 9781032276137

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English | 2023 | PDF | 10 MB | 539 Pages

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This  is a sweeping narrative of American domestic public policy—its  triumphs, struggles, and failures over the past 120 years. In a larger  sense, it is a reflection on how the United States has grown and  matured, faced challenges and opportunities, and how its federal leaders  and policymakers have responded or failed to confront pressing  problems. Moreover, American Public Policy addresses the hurdles and challenges that still lie ahead.

Four  critical questions are posed and answered. First, what were the most  significant adversities endured by the American people? Second, what  were the landmark domestic policies crafted by the president, enacted by  Congress, or issued in Supreme Court decisions? Third, what did they  fail to do? Finally, how well have federal policymakers met the key  challenges facing America: income inequality, racism, financial crises,  terrorist attacks, climate change, gun violence, and other pressures?  And what do we still need to do?

This book reaches out to  students of public policy, American government, US history, and  contemporary affairs, as well as to citizens, journalists, and policy  practitioners.