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American Urban Politics in a Global Age 8th Edition

Annika Marlen Hinze, James M. Smith, B08N6RG5JC, 1138059366, 1138059374, 9781138059368, 9781138059375, 9781315163635, 978-1138059368, 978-1138059375, 978-1315163635, 978-1-138-05936-8, 978-1-138-05937-5, 978-1-315-16363-5

English | 2024 | PDF | 10 MB | 503 Pages

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Bringing together a selection of readings that represent some of the most important trends and topics in urban scholarship today, American Urban Politics in a Global Age provides historical context and contemporary commentaries on the economy, politics, culture, and identity of American cities. The eighth edition of this well-rounded and popular urban politics reader maintains the wide variety of reading selections it is known for, as well as many “classics,” while adapting to current events and developments in urban politics, and engaging cities in a post-pandemic world. All-new readings and important editorial commentary include:

  • Recent political debates about policing, race, and ethnicity in the urban environment
  • The impact of climate change on cities, and their roles in mitigating it, as well as preparing for it
  • A discussion of gender politics in post-Trump American cities
  • A reflection on the increasing importance of private players in city- and metro-politics, from implications for governance, to the growing corporate aspect of smart city initiatives, designed to help urban governments provide important services across cities and metropolitan regions; and
  • An examination of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its impact on cities, from the initial, devastating outbreak in New York City in March 2020, to recurring shutdowns, life, urban development, and social polarization post-COVID

American Urban Politics in a Global Age remains an approachable scholarly resource for undergraduate and graduate classrooms, as well as a general, wide-ranging scholarly overview of the most important aspects of the field for researchers. It may be taught alongside City Politics: Cities and Suburbs in 21st Century America.