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Americans Abroad: A Comparative Study of Emigrants from the United States

Arnold Dashefsky, Karen A. Woodrow-Lafield | 9402417931, 978-9402417937, 9789402417937, B086N267B5

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This book takes a new look at the study of emigration since publication of Americans Abroad in 1992. The US receives a high volume of immigrants, but its emigrant population is less frequently studied. International migration continues to increase, with now over 200 million people worldwide living as emigrants from their birth country for the purposes of work, family integration, improved living situations, or human rights.  Utilizing the same social psychological approach that made the first edition so successful, the authors examine the motivation, adjustment issues and return migration of American emigrants. The analysis of these comparative experiences reveals core elements of American culture. With a new introductory chapter, a Foreword, and two Postscripts on US emigrants in Australia and Israel, the second edition builds on the strengths of the first edition to provide an important resource for the current state of US emigration. New topics covered include: what groups are emigrating from the US and why; rising departures and emigration of unauthorized immigrants; perceptions of US population about living abroad; US laws, dual citizenship, taxation, and transnationalism; famous US emigrants; and trends/projections for the future.