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An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology: Processes and Disorders

David Groome, 9781848720916, 978-1848720916

English | 2014 | PDF

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"An Introduction to Cognitive Psychology: Processes and Disorders" is a  comprehensive introductory textbook for undergraduate students. The  third edition of this well-established text has been completely revised  and updated to cover all the key areas of cognition, including  perception, attention, memory, thinking and language. Uniquely,  alongside chapters on normal cognitive function, there are chapters on  related clinical disorders (agnosia, amnesia, thought disorder and  aphasia) which help to provide a thorough insight into the nature of  cognition.

1. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology
2. Perception
3. Attention
4. Disorders of Perception and Attention
5 Short-Term Memory
6. Long-Term Memory
7. Disorders of Memory
8. Thinking and Problem-Solving
9. Disorders of Thinking and Problem-Solving
10. Language
11. Disorders of Language
12. Cognition and Emotion