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Analytical Techniques in Forensic Science

Rosalind Wolstenholme, Sue Jickells, Shari Forbes | 1119978289, 978-1119978282, 9781119978282, B08MBH28L5

PDF 2021

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An in-depth text that explores the interface between analytical chemistry and trace evidence 

Analytical Techniques in Forensic Science is a comprehensive guide written in accessible terms that examines the interface between analytical chemistry and trace evidence in forensic science. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the text features a detailed introduction analysis in forensic science and then subsequent chapters explore the laboratory techniques grouped by shared operating principles. For each technique, the authors incorporate specific theory, application to forensic analytics, interpretation, forensic specific developments, and illustrative case studies.  

Forensic techniques covered include UV-Vis and vibrational spectroscopy, mass spectrometry and gas and liquid chromatography. The applications reviewed include evidence types such as fibers, paint, drugs and explosives. The authors highlight data collection, subsequent analysis, what information has been obtained and what this means in the context of a case. The text shows how analytical chemistry and trace evidence can problem solve the nature of much of forensic analysis. This important text:  

•Puts the focus on trace evidence and analytical science 

•Contains case studies that illustrate theory in practice 

•Includes contributions from experts on the topics of instrumentation, theory, and case examples 

•Explores novel and future applications for analytical techniques  

Written for undergraduate and graduate students in forensic chemistry and forensic practitioners and researchers, Analytical Techniques in Forensic Science offers a text that bridges the gap between introductory textbooks and professional level literature.