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Anatomy of the Eyelid, Orbit, and Lacrimal System: A Dissection Manual

Edward H. Bedrossian Jr., Richard R. Schmidt, Robert C. Della Rocca, Bradley N. Lemke, 3030882640, 9783030882648, 978-3030882648

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book is a dissection manual and atlas on the anatomy of the eyelid,  orbit, and lacrimal system; it functions as a succinct yet  comprehensive resource.

Opening chapters provide an  introduction to the topic and outline instruments needed for the  dissections. Subsequent chapters then describe the dissection of the  eyelid in various layered approaches. Then, further discussions  demonstrate the neuroanatomy of the cranial fossae, the cavernous sinus,  and the dissection of deep orbital structures from an anterior,  superior and lateral approach. Closing chapters then examine the  nasolacrimal system and nasal cavities

Anatomy of the Eyelid,  Orbit, and Lacrimal System is an expertly written invaluable resource  for the surgeon seeking to enhance their knowledge and surgical skills.