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Antenna Optimization and Design Based on Binary Coding

Junping Geng, Ronghong Jin, 9811679649, 9789811679643, 978-9811679643

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English | 2022 | PDF

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This book investigates in detail the antenna optimization method with  binary coding and their applications to antenna design. It introduces  the binary coding principle and optimization method, the method of  binary coding corresponding to geometry structure. In further, the  designs by binary coding optimization method of following items are  introduced, including multi-frequency antenna based on binary coding,  low profile RFID tag antenna on metal, wideband directional antenna with  low profile, mmWave antenna and UWB antenna. Additionally, improved  hexagon unit to antenna optimization by binary coding method is given,  and a new method of antenna design based on optimization of linear  motion trajectory is presented in the end.This book proposes an  automatic optimization method of meshed antenna based on binary coding,  reduce the artificial a priori influence and find the best antenna. The  book is intended for undergraduate and graduate students who are  interested in antenna technology, researchers investigating high  performance antenna, and antenna design engineers working on new antenna  and the applications.