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Applied Incident Response

Steve Anson | 1119560268, 978-1119560265, 9781119560265, B083XF121Z

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PDF 2020

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Incident response is critical for the active defense of any network, and incident responders need up-to-date, immediately applicable techniques with which to engage the adversary.Applied Incident Response details effective ways to respond to advanced attacks against local and remote network resources, providing proven response techniques and a framework through which to apply them.  As a starting point for new incident handlers, or as a technical reference for hardened IR veterans, this book details the latest techniques for responding to threats against your network, including:

• Preparing your environment for effective incident response

• Leveraging MITRE ATT&CK and threat intelligence for active network defense

• Local and remote triage of systems using PowerShell, WMIC, and open-source tools

• Acquiring RAM and disk images locally and remotely

• Analyzing RAM with Volatility and Rekall

• Deep-dive forensic analysis of system drives using open-source or commercial tools

• Leveraging Security Onion and Elastic Stack for network security monitoring

• Techniques for log analysis and aggregating high-value logs

• Static and dynamic analysis of malware with YARA rules, FLARE VM, and Cuckoo Sandbox

• Detecting and responding to lateral movement techniques, including pass-the-hash, pass-the-ticket, Kerberoasting, malicious use of PowerShell, and many more

• Effective threat hunting techniques

• Adversary emulation with Atomic Red Team

• Improving preventive and detective controls