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Applied Regression Modeling

Iain Pardoe | 1119615860, 978-1119615866, 9781119615866, B08P54X54Y

PDF 2021

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Master the fundamentals of regression without learning calculus with this one-stop resource

The newly and thoroughly revised 3rd Edition of Applied Regression Modeling delivers a concise but comprehensive treatment of the application of statistical regression analysis for those with little or no background in calculus. Accomplished instructor and author Dr. Iain Pardoe has reworked many of the more challenging topics, included learning outcomes and additional end-of-chapter exercises, and added coverage of several brand-new topics including multiple linear regression using matrices.

The methods described in the text are clearly illustrated with multi-format datasets available on the book's supplementary website. In addition to a fulsome explanation of foundational regression techniques, the book introduces modeling extensions that illustrate advanced regression strategies, including model building, logistic regression, Poisson regression, discrete choice models, multilevel models, Bayesian modeling, and time series forecasting. Illustrations, graphs, and computer software output appear throughout the book to assist readers in understanding and retaining the more complex content. Applied Regression Modeling covers a wide variety of topics, like:

•Simple linear regression models, including the least squares criterion, how to evaluate model fit, and estimation/prediction

•Multiple linear regression, including testing regression parameters, checking model assumptions graphically, and testing model assumptions numerically

•Regression model building, including predictor and response variable transformations, qualitative predictors, and regression pitfalls

•Three fully described case studies, including one each on home prices, vehicle fuel efficiency, and pharmaceutical patches

Perfect for students of any undergraduate statistics course in which regression analysis is a main focus, Applied Regression Modeling also belongs on the bookshelves of non-statistics graduate students, including MBAs, and for students of vocational, professional, and applied courses like data science and machine learning.