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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Holographic Imaging: Technical Basis and Biomedical Applications

Inkyu Moon, 978-0470647509, 9780470647509, 978-1119239000, 9781119239000, 0470647507

English | 2022 | PDF

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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Holographic Imaging Technical Basis and Biomedical Applications

An eye-opening discussion of 3D optical sensing, imaging, analysis, and pattern recognition

Artificial  intelligence (AI) has made great progress in recent years. Digital  holographic imaging has recently emerged as a powerful new technique  well suited to explore cell structure and dynamics with a nanometric  axial sensitivity and the ability to identify new cellular biomarkers.  By combining digital holography with AI technology, including recent  deep learning approaches, this system can achieve a record-high accuracy  in non-invasive, label-free cellular phenotypic screening. It opens up a  new path to data-driven diagnosis. 

Artificial Intelligence in Digital Holographic Imaging introduces key concepts and algorithms of AI to show how to build  intelligent holographic imaging systems drawing on techniques from  artificial neural networks, convolutional neural networks, and  generative adversarial network. Readers will be able to gain an  understanding of the basics for implementing AI in holographic imaging  system designs and connecting practical biomedical questions that arise  from the use of digital holography with various AI algorithms in  intelligence models. 

What’s Inside 

  •  Introductory background on digital holography 
  •  Key concepts of digital holographic imaging
  •  Deep-learning techniques for holographic imaging 
  •  AI techniques in holographic image analysis
  •  Holographic image-classification models
  •  Automated phenotypic analysis of live cells 

For  readers with various backgrounds, this book provides a detailed  discussion of the use of intelligent holographic imaging system in  biomedical fields with great potential for biomedical application.