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Artificial Intelligence Theory, Models, and Applications by P Kaliraj, T. DeviISBN-10: 1032008091 ISBN-13: 978-1032008097, 9781032008097 ASIN: B09DTCWKKH

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This book examines the fundamentals and technologies of Artificial  Intelligence (AI) and describes their tools, challenges, and issues. It  also explains relevant theory as well as industrial applications in  various domains, such as healthcare, economics, education, product  development, agriculture, human resource management, environmental  management, and marketing. The book is a boon to students, software  developers, teachers, members of boards of studies, and researchers who  need a reference resource on artificial intelligence and its  applications and is primarily intended for use in courses offered by  higher education institutions that strive to equip their graduates with  Industry 4.0 skills.
Gender disparity in the  enterprises involved in the development of AI-based software development  as well as solutions to eradicate such gender bias in the AI world
A general framework for AI in environmental management, smart farming, e-waste management, and smart energy optimization
The potential and application of AI in medical imaging as well as the challenges of AI in precision medicine
AI’s role in the diagnosis of various diseases, such as cancer and diabetes
The role of machine learning models in product development and statistically monitoring product quality
Machine learning to make robust and effective economic policy decisions

Year: 2022
Pages: 507
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: Auerbach Publications, CRC Press
ISBN-10: 1032008091
ISBN-13: 978-1032008097, 9781032008097