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Aspen Plus: Chemical Engineering Applications

2nd Edition, Kamal I. M. Al-Malah, B0BJ4PY7LK, 1119868696, 9781119868699, 9781119868705, 9781119868712, 978-1119868699, 978-1119868705, 978-1119868712

English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 370 MB

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Comprehensive resource covering Aspen Plus  V12.1 and demonstrating how to implement the program in versatile  chemical process industries

Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications facilitates the process of learning and later mastering Aspen Plus®,  the market-leading chemical process modeling software, with  step-by-step examples and succinct explanations. The text enables  readers to identify solutions to various process engineering problems  via screenshots of the Aspen Plus® platforms in parallel with the related text. 

To  aid in information retention, the text includes end-of-chapter problems  and term project problems, online exam and quiz problems for  instructors that are parametrized (i.e., adjustable) so that each  student will have a standalone version, and extra online material for  students, such as Aspen Plus®-related files, that are used in the working tutorials throughout the entire textbook. 

The second edition of Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications includes information on: 

  • Various new features that were embedded into Aspen Plus V12.1 and existing features which have been modified
  • Aspen Custom Modeler (ACM), covering basic features to show how to merge customized models into Aspen Plus simulator
  • New updates to process dynamics and control and process economic analysis since the first edition was published
  • Vital  areas of interest in relation to the software, such as polymerization,  drug solubility, solids handling, safety measures, and energy saving 

For chemical engineering students and industry professionals, the second edition of Aspen Plus®: Chemical Engineering Applications is a key resource for understanding Aspen Plus and the new features  that were added in version 12.1 of the software. Many supplementary  learning resources help aid the reader with information retention.