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Basics Of Electromagnetic Theory: Various Fundamental Concepts Of Electromagnetic Theory

King Sancken, 979-8401806260, 9798401806260, B09QFCN87J, B09QD7BHSS

English | 2022 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 3 MB

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This is a well-structured and handy text on electromagnetic theory; it gives a lot of structure and context to a lot of that electromagnetic theory learned back in standard undergraduate electromagnetics class.

In this book, we provide a concise introduction to the basics of Electromagnetic theory, with more emphasis on the phenomenon themselves and less on the derivations and other mathematical aspects. However, various essential math concepts like vector analysis and vector calculus have been included with sufficient detail. The derivations of many important theorems in this subject have also been included.

This book will hopefully serve as an inspiration to learn Electromagnetic theory in greater depths and give a greater appreciation for this phenomenon.