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Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist: The Workbook 2nd Edition by James L. Furrow . ISBNs: 0367483424, 0367483475, 978-0367483425, 978-0367483470, 9780367483425, 9780367483470, B09R5Z532D

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by James L. Furrow (Author), Susan M. Johnson (Author), Brent Bradley (Author), Lorrie Brubacher (Author), T. Leanne Campbell (Author), Veronica Kallos-Lilly (Author), Gail Palmer (Author), Kathryn Rheem (Author), Scott Woolley (Author)

This second edition of Becoming an Emotionally Focused Therapist: The Workbook has been fully revised by expert therapists with advances in attachment science and EFT practice, the integration of the "EFT Tango"―a guide to the EFT process―and new chapters on working with both individuals and families.
Suitable as a companion volume to The Practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy or as a standalone learning tool, it provides an easy road-map toward mastering the in's and out's of EFT with practice exercises, review questions, and compelling clinical examples.
Invaluable for clinicians and students, this workbook takes the reader on an adventure: the quest to become a competent, confident, and passionate emotionally focused therapist.
Year: 2022
Pages: 459
Language: English
Format: PDF
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN-10: 0367483424, 0367483475
ISBN-13: 978-0367483425, 978-0367483470, 9780367483425, 9780367483470
ASIN: B09R5Z532D