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Bio-Nano Filtration in Industrial Effluent Treatment: Advanced and Innovative Approaches

Maulin P. Shah, 0367760134, 9780367760199, 978-0367760199, 978-0-367-76019-9,978-0-367-76013-7, 978-0367760137, 9780367760137, 978-1-003-16514-9, 9781003165149, 978-1003165149, B0BZT58R95

English | 2023 | PDF | 46 MB | 205 Pages

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The ever-increasing number of pollutants  discharged into the environment drives the search for new treatment  technologies or the modification of the existing ones. In this sense,  innovation in bio-nano filtration systems seems very promising and,  therefore, a book on the current advances and innovations on this topic  is highly appropriate.

Bio-nano  filtration is a relatively new emerging technology applied to the  treatment of wastewater and other toxic compounds. In the last two  decades, this technology has begun to emerge as an economically viable  process to treat the great variety of recalcitrant pollutants discharged  into the environment. Thus, it is speculated that the US biofiltration  market will reach over $100 million by 2020. This book aims to present  how innovation in bio-nano filtration can provide effective solutions to  overcome the serious problem of water pollution worldwide. The removal  of contaminants will be the result of the combined effects of biological  oxidation, adsorption, and filtration processes.


  • Describes the microbial ecology of bio-nano filtration.
  • Describes the modelling of bio-nano filtration.
  • Describes the design of bio-nanofillers.