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Biosensors: Fundamentals, Emerging Technologies, and Applications

Emerging Materials and Technologies, Sibel A. Ozkan, Bengi Uslu, Mustafa Kemal Sezgintürk, 978-1032038650, 9781032038650, 1032038659

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English | 2023 | PDF | 17 MB | 395 Pages

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Biosensors: Fundamentals, Emerging Technologies, and Applications provides insight into the sensing applications of different types of  biosensors relating to environmental pollutants, microbiological  analysis, and healthcare. It describes state-of-the-art research in  biosensors, point of care testing, potential applications, as well as  future prospects for biosensors. 

This book:

  • Presents the essentials that readers need to know to make full use of biosensor technology 
  • Discusses recent perspectives on optical and electrochemical biosensors 
  • Details biosensor types for medical applications 
  • Teaches how to use enzymes for biological recognition in biomarker assays 
  • Proposes innovations in wearable and smart biosensors 

This  book is aimed at advanced students, researchers, and academics across a  broad interdisciplinary field including biochemical, pharmaceutical,  and environmental engineering as well as materials science, analytical  chemistry, and biosciences.