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Black Magic, Witchcraft and Occultism: Secret Cultural Practices in India

Sajal Nag, 103252250X, 9781032522500, 978-1032522500, 9781032522517, 978-1032522517, 9781003405764, 978,1003405764, B0BZFF883Z

English | 2023 | PDF | 10 MB | 590 Pages

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Black magic, occult practices and witchcraft still evoke huge curiosity, interest and amazement in the minds of people. Although witchcraft in Europe has been a widely studied phenomenon, black magic and occult are not yet a popular theme of academic research, even though India is known as a land of magic, tantra and occult. The Indian State of Assam was historically feared as the land of Kamrup-Kamakhya, black magic, witchcraft and occultic practices. It was where different Tantric cults as well as other occult practices thrived. The Khasi Hills are known for the practice of snake vampire worship. The village of Mayong is the village, where magic and occult is still practiced as a living tradition.

This book is one of the rarest collections where such practices are researched, recorded and academically analyzed. It is one of those collections where studies of all three practices of Black Magic, Witchcraft and Occult are comibned into one single book.