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Blood Flow Restriction Training: More Muscle Mass and Strength with BFR Training

Toni Lloret, 979-8411532005, 9798411532005, B09RQ2RMZ8, B09RM4PVV9

English | 2022 | MOBI, Converted PDF | 10 MB

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In this book by Toni LLoret, we will see absolutely everything about Blood Flow Restriction Training with the objective of gaining muscle mass and strength.

Some of the benefits of BFR Training

    Greater increases in growth hormone
    Greater increases in IGF-1
    Increased activation of mTORC1 and muscle protein synthesis
    Reduced muscle damage
    Improvements in tendon stiffness even at low loads.
    A further reduction of myostatin
    A very significant increase in the hypertrophy of type I fibers.
    Increased activation of type II fibers
    Improved insulin sensitivity
    Positive adaptations at the peripheral and cardiovascular level
    Increased hypertrophy in muscles close to the extremities with BFR
    Increased cellular swelling
    Improved ability to achieve internal focus

BFR training has been shown to have all of these benefits, and the book explains the processes by which each of the benefits occur and cites all the scientific references of the studies from which the data is obtained (over 200 references).

It’s a practical book to be able to train with BFR safely, but it also explains the physiological principles by which BFR training mediates the processes of hypertrophy and various specific adaptations that occur during training in a state of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency)
Undoubtedly, this is a book that will not leave you indifferent in which both the author's experience with this type of training is shown, but also a large part of the published scientific literature is reviewed.