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Blue Shark Team-Building: Leading High-Performance Teams during a Crisis by Rizwan Amin Sheikh . ISBNs: 1032062959, 1032081058, 978-1032062952, 978-1032062952, 978-1032081052, 9781032081052, B09DGFQMTM

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1st Edition

by Rizwan Amin Sheikh (Author)

Teams working in a crisis are operating in a high turbulence environment. Blue Shark Teams thrive in a crisis. They swim through turbulence and glide to project success. This book reveals the concepts and practical insight on how to create and lead Blue Shark Teams.

The Blue Shark Model of Leading High-Performance Teams is based on Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence model and Bruce Tuckman’s team-building model (forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning). This book shows how to apply these models to large companies, small-to-medium size businesses, and projects during a crisis. It explains how managers can develop their leadership style and lead high-performance teams. A real-life case study, which was a success story during the COVID-19 pandemic, is discussed to elaborate the team-building and emotional intelligence models. The lessons learned from this case study can be applied to any crisis in any industry across the spectrum, including healthcare, IT, telecom, construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, airlines, financial services, retail, public sector, and consulting. The book arms executives and managers with the concepts and techniques to lead and manage projects, teams, and companies during turbulent and volatile times.

If you are a CEO, CIO, CTO, or CXO of a Fortune 500 company, a mid-to-small size Business Owner, a Project Manager, or a Senior Executive facing a crisis, then this book is for you. It describes real-life case studies and projects that shows how the theoretical frameworks and models developed by leading researchers can be applied successfully to companies and projects, especially during a crisis and pandemic such as COVID-19.

Year: 2022
Pages: 279
Language: English
Format: PDF
Size: 19 MB
Publisher: Routledge, Auerbach Publications
ISBN-10: 1032062959, 1032081058
ISBN-13: 978-1032062952, 978-1032062952, 978-1032081052, 9781032081052