In the name of Allah the Merciful

Bodybuilding Protocols, Methods and Workout Diary Journal

Andrea Raimondi

English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF

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A bodybuilding manual and more than 200 pages of Workout Log book
Everything  you need to understand how to build a training plan: the role of  variables such asvolume, loadfrequencytype of exerciseprogressionTUTrest  between sets. Variuos training techniques will be illustrated such as  circuit, pyramid, rest-pause, triset, 21, stripping, and many others.
 To train well it is essential to know the physiology of the muscles so  you will find the description of the functioning of the main muscles,  with a list of the best exercises for each target muscle.You will  understand periodization and its essential role in building a winning  training program.
We will talk about aerobic activity.
A chapter  is dedicated to motivation and you will find some tips to maintain it  over time. We will also talk about lockdowns and workouts.
But above all, you will find my training protocol to increase strength and hypertrophy that last a complete year
and a diary of more than 200 pages to record your progress using my protocol.