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Build A Strong Core And Killer Abs in less than 8 Weeks. The Strength That You need To Tone Those Abs!

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English | 2020 | PDF

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We try, try and try for those killer abs, but after a couple of weeks  without any visible progress, we give in. Most of the time, we're not  getting the results we want because we're not doing it right, right?  Well, before we start working on our abs with great ab exercises, let's  first understand what fat is. Contrary to popular belief, fat isn't all  bad. Fat allows us to store energy, protect our vital organs, and keep  our bodies warm. There are tons of ab exercises you can do to work on  that flabby belly, but our book will show you how do them right and get  faster results. To attain great, rock hard abs, it is important to  target in the right way!