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Building Multiplayer Games in Unity: Using Mirror Networking

Dylan Engelbrecht, 978-1-4842-7474-3, 978-1-4842-7473-6, 1484274733, 978-1484274736, 9781484274736, B09N16KV4Y

English | 2022 | PDF | 9 MB | 244 Pages

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Take a deep dive into creating large-scale, multiplayer games with Unity 3D, using Mirror Networking and a variety of powerful transports. You will learn the fundamentals of RPC/Command multiplayer architecture and dig deeper into networking and data persistence to achieve scalable, highly performant, large-scale, multiplayer games in Unity.

This book explains how to develop multiplayer games using Unity within a commercial or enterprise environment. You will take a look at the networking fundamentals behind multiplayer games, including packets and the importance of keeping packets small. Next, you will look into Mirror Networking and see how to leverage a variety of transport layers to achieve large-scale, multiplayer games. Using Unity 3D as the core focus, you will get an understanding of the RPC/Command architecture and how you can utilize different authoritative structures to best suit your needs. You will also learn how to scale your architecture and explore industry-leading methods of deploying your game to the masses. You will also get a solid understanding of networking principles. 

The book wraps up with advice from leading experts who shed light on past mistakes and provide valuable insights for your next project. This book breaks down daunting concepts into easy-to-understand pieces of knowledge to help you create your first multiplayer game. It is a must-read for any developer looking to understand multiplayer games and networking.

What You Will Learn

●       Learn advanced multiplayer concepts and how to use them

●       Understand the key concepts for creating multiplayer virtual experiences

●       Know the basics of computer networking and how to employ them

●       Deploy large, scalable multiplayer infrastructures for your games

●       Gain insights from other industry professionals

Who Is This Book For

Intermediate to advanced Unity 3D developers looking to understand multiplayer networking and deploying large-scale products. Having a solid understanding of C# and Unity is required, and having an understanding or prior experience with networking principles such as IPv4 would be advantageous.