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Business Automation and Its Effect on the Labor Force: A Practical Guide for Preparing Organizations for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Edward Y. Uechi, 1032038373, 1032038349 978-1032038377, 978-1032038346, 9781032038377, 9781032038346, B0B57MQTN2

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English | 2023 | PDF | 3 MB | 203 Pages

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Business Automation and Its Effect on the Labor Force informs business managers on new technologies that can make their  industries more efficient. This book provides a primer on quantum  computing, artificial intelligence, robotics, and sensors. As a business  management book, managers can start planning for the future. The author  predicts when the advanced systems would be ready to use. Getting a  clearer picture of what is on the horizon, business managers can  determine how many workers and machines will be needed. Managers will  learn how to calculate the optimal mix of workers and machines.

Key Book Highlights

  • Covering  labor and technology in agriculture, manufacturing, construction,  transportation, hospitality, health care, office administration, and  education.
  • A  review of the evolution of systems, machines, and devices from the past  to the present, and where the latest advancement is headed.
  • A visual timeline showing when new systems and machines would be available for eight industries in the next 25 years.
  • Succinct descriptions of eliminated jobs, retained jobs, and new roles for workers.
  • A  simplified method to calculate the costs of operations, allowing  business managers to compare human productivity against machine  productivity.
  • Labor  market information in context of technological innovation for state  workforce agencies and local workforce development boards.
  • Lists  of occupations with Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) codes  for labor economists, workforce development specialists, and job  seekers.