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Business Model Transformation: The AI & Cloud Technology Revolution

Danny Samson, Alon Ellis, Stuart Black, 1032186402, 1032186410, 978-1032186405, 9781032186405, 978-1032186412, 9781032186412, B0B5VQXKG6

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English | 2023 | PDF | 11 MB | 201 Pages

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A  large opportunity exists for Australian organisations to use new and  powerful technologies (Artificial intelligence [AI] and Cloud  technologies) to transform their businesses to keep pace with or ahead  of the leading edge of competitiveness. 

This book  showcases inspirational Australian case studies in order to inspire  Australian (and non-Australian) organisations to undertake the  challenge. This book synthesises the key learnings and contrasts those  with the conventional wisdom on this topic. The book also defines what  AI- and Cloud-based business transformations are and what they can do  for businesses. Furthermore, it explains why it is imperative that  businesses should address the business opportunities of these  technological advancements, without going into the technical details any  more than the ‘literacy’ that is necessary for business leaders.  Finally, it also includes international best practice case studies  beyond the usual suspects. 

This book provides  guidance and motivation for business executives, managers and students  interested in innovating and transforming their businesses through the  use of the two critical new technologies.