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Carbon Composites: Composites with Nanotubes, Nanomaterials, and Graphene Oxide

Eduardo A. Castro, Ann Rose Abraham, A. K. Haghi, 20230145132, 20230145175, 177491249X, 9781774912508, 978-1774912508, 9781774912492, 978-1774912492, 9781003331285, 978-1003331285, B0C1JXP37Z

English | 2023 | PDF | 24 MB | 338 Pages

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This volume demonstrates the unique place in nanotechnology and nanoscience that carbon nanomaterials occupy owing to their exceptional chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. Carbon nanomaterials have diverse applications in super strong composite materials, smart sensors, energy storage and conversion, super-capacitors, and more. Focusing on materials rather than mechanics, this volume discusses the key roles of materials science and engineering in the development of composite materials.

The result of research by many highly qualified experts in the field of experimental and theoretical research on graphene and its derivatives, the volume describes experimental methods for obtaining and characterizing samples of chemically modified graphene. It reviews the potential application areas and modifications of graphene-based composite materials and interprets the interesting physical effects discovered for the first time for graphene materials under consideration.

This book covers the innovative methodologies and strategies adopted in carbon materials research area including:

  • Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of carbon nanotubes and graphene
  • Surface modification of graphene
  • Carbon-based nanostructured materials
  • The use of carbon nanomaterials for energy applications
  • Development of carbon nanotubes reinforced metal matrix composites and non-metallic composites and their myriad potential end-use applications
  • Key challenges to the successful and widespread implementation of carbon nanotubes reinforced metal matrix composites and non-metallic composites
  • Methods for quantification and improved control of carbon nanotubes distributions
  • Recent research and design trends for carbon nanomaterials-based sensors for a variety of applications
  • Advances and potential applications in environmental monitoring and healthcare

The book will be useful for postgraduate students and researchers as well as for experts in industrial sectors. It will also appeal to those involved in materials science and nanotechnology.