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دانلود کتاب کتابچه راهنمای تمرین قلبی-انکولوژی: همراهی برای بیماری قلبی براونوالد

Cardio-Oncology Practice Manual: A Companion to Braunwald’s Heart Disease by Joerg Herrmann . ISBNs: 0323681352, 978-0323681353, 9780323681353, B09QX75FJ9

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Today’s patients have unique cardiologic needs before, during, and  after cancer treatment. Chemotherapies, radiation therapy, and targeted  therapies can produce acute side effects or lasting adverse consequences  on the heart and circulatory system, making the field of  cardio-oncology increasingly important in effective patient care.  Cardio-Oncology Practice Manual is a comprehensive, portable guide that  provides practical approaches to assessment and management of  cardiovascular diseases due to the effects of cardiotoxic agents and  treatments. Part of the Braunwald family of renowned cardiology  references, it clearly presents clinically relevant aspects of this  growing field in one quick, practical reference for a wide range of  cardio-oncology providers

Year: 2023
Pages: 547
Language: English
Format: PDF
ISBN-10: 0323681352
ISBN-13: 978-0323681353, 9780323681353