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Cell and Molecular Biology for Non-Biologists: A short introduction into key biological concepts

Lorenz Adlung, 3662653559, 9783662653555, 978-3662653555

English | 2022 | PDF

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This book introduces the basics of cellular and molecular biology on a  basic level including detailed explanations and examples. It lays the  foundation for a systematic understanding of biology, which is essential  in order to handle big data in biomedical research. Comprehension of  what is measured, how it is measured and how to interpret results is a  precondition for the development of novel therapies against  diseases.Interdisciplinary research benefits from versatile approaches  to generate and test hypotheses, which may lead to new discoveries.  Therefore, it requires a new generation of biologists from diverse  backgrounds - and they need this introduction.This book helps students  and experts from e.g. computer science, informatics, mathematics,  physics, and related fields or even if you are in sales and marketing  and want to have a better understanding of the biology behind certain  products.


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