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Cellulases in the Biofuel Industry

Pratima Bajpai, 978-0-323-99496-5, 978-0-323-99497-2, 9780323994972, 0323994962, 978-0323994965, 9780323994965, B0BHVZTH5T

English | 2023 | PDF

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Cellulases in the Biofuel Industry discusses how the properties of cellulases affects the quality of the biofuels produced. Heralded as the solution to humanity’s energy problem and the savior of the world’s climate, extensive research is being carried out on biofuels but there are still gaps in our understanding. This book presents cost-effective and current scenarios for cellulase production in the biofuel industry, including the most recent advancements for obtaining cellulases with higher activity on pre-treated biomass substrates by screening and sequencing new organisms, engineering cellulases with improved properties, and by identifying proteins that can stimulate cellulases.

The mechanism and efficiency of the cellulase enzyme system on cellulose is discussed with the specific classification of each cellulase enzyme, as well as explanations of the limitation of cellulases in terms of their production processes, efficiency and practical applications to biofuels. Various approaches to improve the production and efficiency of the cellulase enzyme system are evaluated, along with the current limitations that are hampering cost-effective production of cellulase and guidance on how these limitations might be resolved.