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Chasing We-ness: Cultivating Empathy and Leadership in a Polarized World

William Marsiglio, 20220396582, 20220396620, 1487544774, 9781487544775, 978-1487544775, 978-1-4875-4477-5, 978-1-4875-4520-8, 9781487545208, 978-1487545208, 978-1-4875-4584-0, 9781487545840, 978-1487545840, B0BXFSDLWM

English | 2023 | PDF | 45 MB | 493 Pages

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As humans, we embrace our individuality, yet we chase the comfort and sense of purpose that comes from being part of a group. Especially timely given our polarized world, Chasing We-ness examines how social media, AI, new leadership styles, and other modern developments affect our state of we-ness. It illuminates how our contemporary identities find expression in both progressive and conservative social movements that foster a sense of we-ness. Embracing the reality that "we’re all in this together," the book interrogates our efforts to achieve a state of we-ness that rejects hate, social injustice, and autocratic agendas in the twenty-first century.

This book explores why, how, and with what effect we build we-ness into our lives in both healthy and destructive ways. William Marsiglio draws on his expertise as a leading sociologist to explore the motivational forces that inspire a sense of group belonging in intimate groups, civic organizations, thought communities, sports and leisure activities, and work. Promoting initiatives that cultivate mindfulness, empathy, altruism, and leadership, Chasing We-ness proposes essential life skills to empower us, reduce social divisions, strengthen the social fabric, and uplift our spirits as global citizens.