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Circuit Design with VHDL

Volnei A. Pedroni, 0262042649, 9780262042642, 978-0262042642

English | 2020 | PDF

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A completely updated and expanded comprehensive treatment of VHDL and  its applications to the design and simulation of real, industry-standard  circuits.

This comprehensive treatment of VHDL and its  applications to the design and simulation of real, industry-standard  circuits has been completely updated and expanded for the third edition.  New features include all VHDL-2008 constructs, an extensive review of  digital circuits, RTL analysis, and an unequaled collection of VHDL  examples and exercises. The book focuses on the use of VHDL rather than  solely on the language, with an emphasis on design examples and  laboratory exercises.

The third edition begins with a detailed  review of digital circuits (combinatorial, sequential, state machines,  and FPGAs), thus providing a self-contained single reference for the  teaching of digital circuit design with VHDL. In its coverage of  VHDL-2008, it makes a clear distinction between VHDL for synthesis and  VHDL for simulation. The text offers complete VHDL codes in examples as  well as simulation results and comments. The significantly expanded  examples and exercises include many not previously published, with  multiple physical demonstrations meant to inspire and motivate students.  

The book is suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in  VHDL and digital circuit design, and can be used as a professional  reference for VHDL practitioners. It can also serve as a text for  digital VLSI in-house or academic courses.