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Climate Change, Disaster and Adaptations: Contextualising Human Responses to Ecological Change

Azizur Rahman Siddiqui, 3030910091, 978-3030910099, 9783030910099, B09TJ14FF9

English | 2022 | PDF | 19 MB | 272 Pages

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This  volume examines how local communities respond and adapt to ecological  changes and disasters resulting from climate change. The main aim of the  book is to understand the range of human responses to ecological change  and to contextualise the reasons for adopting any particular adaptive  strategy by a community. Through the help of specific case studies  presented as individual chapters, the book aims to find out whether  adaptation due to environmental stress is an individual decision and,  therefore, is an isolated phenomenon, or if resilience and adaptation  are part of the same action paradigm of society as a whole in response  to environmental change. Of particular interest are the case studies of  climate change or disasters that have rendered the site unsuitable for  the return of its community at present, and thus necessitated the  relocation of such communities to new locations. The case studies in the  book focus on regions in India, but cover different parts of the world  as well, and address concepts of resilience, vulnerability, risk,  adaptation, and mitigation. The book will be useful for students and  researchers in the fields of geography, disaster management,  environmental science, and anthropology.