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Clinical Laboratory Methods: Atlas of Commonly Performed Tests by Michael Laposata, Peter McCaffrey . ISBNs: 9781260470284 9781260470291 1260470288, B09H3NJQMH

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Master 100 of the most commonly performed lab tests
Clinical Laboratory Methods covers the 100 tests most often done in clinical labs. The description  of each method covers the basic concept of the assay; clinically  important information; the expense of the test (based cost of the  reagents, supplies, and labor); the complexity of the test; and whether  each method is manual, semi-automated, or highly automated, and each  method includes a flowchart. The author avoids getting bogged down in  unimportant details, focusing on only what you need to know to master  these important processes
 Each testing-method description includes a flowchart
 Practice tests enable you to quiz yourself on what you have learned
 The expense of each method is described as low, moderate, or high