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Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings

5th Edition, Samuel Gladding, Debbie Newsome, 0134385551, 0136911803, 0136851509, 0134385624, 9780134385556, 9780136911807, 9780136851509, 9780134385624, 978-0134385556, 978-0136911807, 978-0136851509, 978-0134385624, B06XD8YGT3

English | 2021 | Original PDF, EPUB | 13 MB | 477 Pages

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For courses in Community/Agency Counseling.

A strong foundation for building counseling skills that addresses the latest CACREP standards.

Rapid  changes in our world compel changes in the way mental health counselors  must practice. Focusing on approaches that promote prevention, early  intervention, wellness, and advocacy, Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency Settings gives today’s counseling students a user-friendly yet scholarly approach to all aspects of their future profession.

The  Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational  Programs (CACREP) now recognizes only Clinical Mental Health Counseling  (CMHC) programs that have met the accreditation standards; therefore,  the authors now focus exclusively on clinical mental health counseling  to give students a strong base in this specialty area. Gladding and  Newsome examine the history and professional foundations of counseling,  legal and ethical issues, counseling with diverse populations, multiple  roles and functions of clinical mental health counselors, and the many  settings in which clinical mental health counselors practice.

Information  presented in the chapters is supplemented with narratives supplied by  mental health professionals employed across counseling settings, who  share their views of the rewards and challenges associated with the  services they provide. In addition, case studies in each chapter provide  opportunities for students to grapple with challenging issues faced by  clinical mental health counselors.


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