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Cognitive Plausibility in Natural Language Processing

Lisa Beinborn, Nora Hollenstein, B0CK145VTB, 3031432592, 9783031432590, 978-3031432590, 978-3-031-43259-0, 978-3-031-43260-6, 978-3031432606, 9783031432606

English | 2024 | PDF | 2 MB | 166 Pages

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This book explores the cognitive plausibility of computational language models and why it’s an important factor in their development and evaluation. The authors present the idea that more can be learned about cognitive plausibility of computational language models by linking signals of cognitive processing load in humans to interpretability methods that allow for exploration of the hidden mechanisms of neural models. The book identifies limitations when applying the existing methodology for representational analyses to contextualized settings and critiques the current emphasis on form over more grounded approaches to modeling language. The authors discuss how novel techniques for transfer and curriculum learning could lead to cognitively more plausible generalization capabilities in models. The book also highlights the importance of instance-level evaluation and includes thorough discussion of the ethical considerations that may arise throughout the various stages of cognitive plausibility research.