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Comics and Novelization: A Literary History of Bandes Dessinées

Benoît Glaude, 2022055052, 2022055053, 1032436646, 9781032436647, 978-1032436647, 9781032436647, 9781032482729, 9781032482729, 978-1032482729, 9781003388210, 978-1003388210, 9781003388210, B0C1169MVL

English | 2023 | PDF | 25 MB | 215 Pages

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This book opens a novel perspective on comics and literature interactions. It claims that the two artistic media have always maintained a mutual emulation, for as long as they have coexisted in media culture. To demonstrate this, the present research does not focus on literary adaptations in comics form but rather on a literary corpus that remains virtually unexplored: comics-related novels. The purpose of this volume is to inventory French comics-related novels and to study them. Within the limits of the French-speaking world, this book pieces together a literary history of bande dessinée through its novels, from the nineteenth to twenty-first centuries. Although the comic strip – including the aptly named "graphic novel" – has sometimes been regarded as the disciple of an unsurpassable literary model, do these under-studied adaptations in novel form not rather indicate a mutual relationship, or even an emulation, between the two media?