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Complementary and Alternative Medicinal Approaches for Enhancing Immunity

by Mehwish Iqbal, 1032199415, 1032191759, 978-1032199412, 978-1032191751, 9781032199412, 9781032191751, B0B5GCNNLG

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English | 2023 | PDF | 70 MB | 529 Pages

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Ancient  therapeutic systems have played a tremendous role in health  preservation all around the globe for thousands of years; even the  earliest humans on earth had used these approaches along with simple  surgical procedures for the betterment of their health. Complementary and Alternative Medicinal Approaches for Enhancing Immunity examines various aspects of health and diseases and the importance of  basic but essential factors for the preservation of health and  management of diseases. 

Concisely written, the  author discusses ancient ways to enhance self-healing abilities and  stimulate the immune system such as, fasting, meditation, acupuncture,  cupping therapy, balneotherapy and aromatherapy. The importance of  nutrition and diet is also examined as it plays a crucial role in the  prevention and causation of diseases.

Additional features include:

  • Discusses  how the integration of various CAM modalities helps in enhancing  self-healing abilities and boosts the human immune system.
  • Contains  various topics from different systems of medicines that are taught  widely as individual courses or discussed broadly in several institutes.
  • Reviews  Eastern pharmacotherapy and how using certain herbs, minerals, and  animal-based products aids in maintaining health and alleviating  diseases.

Using evidence-based knowledge  taken from ancient literature and recently published articles, this  book will inform readers on the importance of holistic health approaches  and some ancient treatment modalities that enhance the immune system to  combat diseases.