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Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Radiology, 6 Volume Set

C. Amarnath, Hemant Patel, 813126369X, 978-8131263693, 9788131263693

English | 2023 | EPUB, Converted PDF | 5 GB

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Volume I: Principles of Clinical Radiology, Multisystem Diseases & Head and Neck (EPUB, Converted PDF)
Volume II: Central Nervous system (EPUB, Converted PDF)
Volume III: Chest and Cardiovascular System (EPUB, Converted PDF)
Volume IV: Abdomen (EPUB, Converted PDF)
Volume V: Obstetrics Imaging and The Breast (EPUB, Converted PDF)
Volume VI: Musculoskeletal System (EPUB, Converted PDF)
Volume VI: Musculoskeletal System (Original PDF)

Comprehensive textbook of Clinical Radiology is a fully integrated illustrated textbook of radiology to cater for  residents and practising radiologists. It is a one-stop solution for all  academic needs in radiology. It helps radiologists as a single  reference book to gain complete knowledge instead of referring to  multiple resources. More than 500 authors recognized experts in their  subspeciality, have contributed to this book. To meet the expectations  of clinical radiologists, thorough clinical expertise and familiarity  with all the imaging modalities appropriate to address their clinical  questions are necessary, regardless of one’s favoured subspeciality. To  keep the content relevant to them, we have tried to stay upgraded to  their level. This book comprises six volumes, which gives information on  Radiological Anatomy, Embryology, Nomogram, Normal Variants, Physics,  Imaging Techniques, and all the aspects of Diagnostic Radiology  including Neuroradiology, Head and Neck, Chest and CVS, Abdomen,  Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Breast, Musculoskeletal and Multisystem  Disorders & related Interventional techniques. It will serve as a  primary reference for residents and subspeciality trainees and fellows  to facilitate their learning in preparation for their examination, and  also the consultant radiologists in their daily clinical practice.

  • Divides the contents of each volume into sections – to mirror the way you practice. 
  • Includes topics like Paediatrics Oncology and Interventional Radiology in each section for a holistic approach. 
  • Provides  content written by more than 500+ prominent authors across the globe  and further edited by more than 50+ editors of global repute. 
  • Organizes the material in structured, consistent chapter layouts for efficient and effective review. 
  • Contains heavily illustrated radiographical images along with additional CT, HRCT and MR correlative images. 


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