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Computational Fluid Dynamics in Renewable Energy Technologies: Theory, Fundamentals and Exercises

Mateusz Szubel; Mariusz Filipowicz; Karolina Papis-Frączek; Maciej Kryś, 1032064188, 1032064196, 1032575158, 9781032064192, 978-1032064192, 9781032575155, 978-1032575155, 9781032064185, 978-1032064185

English | 2024 | Original PDF | 90 MB | 465 Pages

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This  book is focused on combining the concepts of computational fluid  dynamics (CFD) and renewable energy technologies. Besides introducing  the fundamentals, the core of this book contains a series of practical  examples providing useful information about the methods and smart  solutions for CFD modeling of selected Renewable Energy Sources (RES) -  based technologies. Each chapter includes a theoretical introduction to  the discussed topic, descriptions of factors determining efficiency and  other important parameters, followed by practical information concerning  the CFD modeling methodology. A summary of the relevant recommendations  and exemplary results with comments is also included.


  • provides practical examples on the application of numerical methods in the analysis of renewable energy processes,
  • includes an introduction to CFD for practitioners,
  • explores selected aspects of the methodology used in CFD simulations of renewable energy technologies,
  • discusses tips and hints for efficient use of CFD codes functionalities,
  • contains additional exercise devoted to the geothermal systems.

This  book is aimed at professionals and graduate students in energy  engineering, renewable energy, CFD, energy systems, fluid mechanics and  applied mathematics.