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Creative Expression and Wellbeing in Higher Education

Wellbeing and Self-care in Higher Education, Narelle Lemon, 103207602X, 1032076011, 978-1032076027, 978-1032076010, 9781032076027, 9781032076010, B0B5VT6L1T

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English | 2023 | PDF | 17 MB | Pages

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This  volume focuses on individual and collective practices of creativity,  embodiment and movement as acts of self-care and wellbeing.

Creative  Expression and Wellbeing in Higher Education positions creative  expression as an important act for professionals working in higher  education, as a way to connect, communicate, practice activism or simply  slow down. Through examples as diverse as movement through dance and  exercise, expression through drawing, writing or singing and creating  objects with one’s hands, the authors share how individual and  collective acts of creativity and movement enhance, support and embrace  wellbeing, offering guidance to the reader on how such creative  expression can be adopted as self-care practice. This book highlights  how connection to hand, body, voice and mind has been imperative in this  process for expression, fl ow and engagement with self and wellbeing  practices.

Self-care and wellbeing are complex at the  best of times. In higher education, these are actions that are  constantly being grappled with personally, collectively and  systematically. Designed to support readers working in higher education,  this book will also be of great interest to professionals and  researchers.