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Critical Writing: A Guide to Writing a Paper Using the Concepts and Processes of Critical Thinking

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English | 2022 | Original PDF | 2 MB | 297 Pages

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The main goal of Critical Writing is to provide students with a set of robust, integrated critical concepts and processes that will allow to them think through and write about a topic in a way that is built on—and permeated by—substantive critical thinking.

This step-by-step guide shows:

  • how to construct a thesis statement and the other main points that constitute the structure of the paper;
  • how to write the paragraphs that make up the body of the paper;
  • how to engage in productive research in a planned, self-directed way;
  • how to make a point clear—not just grammatically or stylistically but also how to clearly convey ideas to an audience;
  • how to think your way through the numerous unanticipated issues (including aspects of grammatical correctness, transitions, and many others) that arise while writing papers.

Each step provides close and careful processes for carrying out each of these tasks, through the use of critical thinking.