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Current Advances for Development of Functional Foods Modulating Inflammation and Oxidative Stress

Blanca Hernandez-Ledesma, Cristina Martinez-Villaluenga, B09N3H369N, 0128234822, 012822584X, 9780128234822, 9780128225844, 978-0128234822, 978-0128225844, 978-0-12-823482-2

English | 2022 | Original PDF | 13 MB | 676 Pages

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 Current  Advances for Development of Functional Foods Modulating Inflammation  and Oxidative Stress presents the nutritional and technological aspects  related to the development of functional foods with anti-inflammatory  and antioxidant effects. Specifically, analytical approaches for the  characterization of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of  healthy foods and functional constituents, as well as technological  strategies for the extraction of compounds and fractions from raw  materials to produce anti-inflammatory and antioxidant ingredients are  addressed. In addition, the molecular mechanisms by which foods and  their components can modulate inflammation and their oxidative stress  effects on disease prevention are explored. Finally, clinical research  addressing nutritional needs in pathological subjects with inflammatory  diseases are considered.